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Roben Woodson, Actor, Writer, Photographer


A Memorial Tribute to Roben Woodson, a True Network Entrepreneur 

Roben P. Woodson was a true Urban Networker.   Slightly build, thin mustache,  old sports jacket and tie, damper yet  disheveled, Roben roamed the streets of Philadelphia like Picasso painted pictures.  He created bonds and connected people wherever he traveled.  Like Cain from the Kung Fu show, he lived off the land utilizing his talents to survive while quietly impacting people wherever he went.


Roben was an thespian, photographer and writer.  His dry wit and naughty chuckle would sometimes make you feel Roben knew the inside joke on all of us.  If you knew Roben, you knew that he knew just about everybody.  Sometimes I run into him at 15th and Market by the Clothespin.  He always had some exciting news or resources to share.  He was filled with endless encouragement.    I would stop intending to chat for a minute and before I knew it an hour would past.  In the meantime, Roben would have introduced me to at least 20 different people.   


I met Roben over twenty years ago when he auditioned for a part in a Showcase I was producing.    Roben would become a loyal member of Klub Savoir-Faire for over 15 years.  He performed in productions throughout Philly chitin circuit up and down Broad Street.  Even after we disbanded, Roben would keep me up date with the latest film and production information. 


Roben had performed for Freedom Theater, the Wilma Theater and other productions.  He was always getting roles  in film productions with a bit part or walk on. He also was heavily involved in television production as a camera man.  In addition, Roben  was very active with the Philadelphia Film Festival. 

Some of the hightlights of Roben's career was roles in "Clean and Sober" and "Hairspray".

He will be fondly remembered for his spoken word/acting performance at Club Impulse in the Klub Savoir-Faire Showcase production of "Better in the Spring" depicting a down and out individual rejecting his present situtation and projecting his comback.

He had just auditioned for role in Jamie Foxx’s file, “Law Abiding Citizen”  being filmed in Philadelphia when he was brutally murdered in his home by his landlord. Roben 55,  was found in makeshift coffin in the living room of his home by police. 


Unfortunately, Roben’s  final role would be as a  victim of  senseless violence.  His legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of the people he touched.     So I propose a final toast to a true Urban Networker.  May his spirit of connecting people live on in his friends and colleagues forever.


Note:  Roben was loved by many.  His funeral was March 28, 2009 at the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia..  The ceremony included testimonies by major figures, proclamations and citations from City Council, the Screen Acting Guild and the Philadelphia Film Festival.



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