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Michael Rice

Up Your Game 

Change is in the air.  Everywhere people are talking about making a change.  Some people are changing their attitude, some are changing their jobs and some are even changing their significant others.  What ever the change is that you are contemplating, I know it is a step up from where you are at. 


“No one rises to low expectations” Effecting change is never easy.  We like to hold on to that which we are use to.  To quote a friend and colleague, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Keep in mind that unless you attempt to do something you never did, you will never grow.   One of the reasons that change is not easy is because we have a certain self image of ourselves.  This self image sometimes chains us to the old ways of doing things.    


Herbert Harris, author of “The Universal Laws of Success”, states, “How you see yourself in your own eyes determines what you get out of life.” Your belief binds you to certain behaviors.  You cannot change until you change your belief.  You can not change your belief until you change your self talk about yourself. How you ever talked yourself out something.  Maybe it was job or promotion you wanted?  Perhaps it was a person of the opposite sex you wanted to meet.  Initially, you had an idea and a desire.  But your good old self talk convinced you not to take action.  No action, no outcome. 


So how do you change your self talk that is programmed in your head?  The answer is change your programming.      Your mind is like a computer.  A computer is actually useless without the programming.  Once you input the programming you desire, a computer will perform the tasks you request.  Your mind is no different.  It needs the appropriate programming in order to meet your needs.I am going to give four simple steps for self programming for change.
1.       Visualization
2.       Practice
3.       Execution
4.       Positioning

There are four simple steps:   Step one – Visualization – All successful individuals practice visualization.  There are actually corporations where people just sit around visualizing new ideas and practices.  The astronauts visualize for years all the procedures for going into space before they go. Visualize in the morning; before you go to sleep at night and at least one time during the day.  Find a quiet place, relax and imagine you are living the life you desire.   Imagine yourself performing the tasks and hear the words you will saying and see the positive outcome.  Experience the moment.    


Step two – Practice-Practice-Practice. Someone said it takes 20 days to create a habit.  You must constantly reinforce your own self image through practice. People create change in their lives by doing the new thing consistently.  Successful salesmen, politicians and public speakers practice their presentations over and over again.   Professional athletics visualize in their minds “making the putt, the basket, the homerun and the touchdown. Practice helps you refine your craft.    If you want to bring about change in your life you must emulate the qualities of the successful individuals in their field.  Do this repeatedly and consistently.    By the time, it is your turn you will be ready. 

Step three – Execution.  Action equals Outcome.  Just do it.  You must execute. Every successful attempt reinforces your confidence and ability to do better.  If you are not successful, then practice in your mind, what you want to happen.  Replay your actions, modify your play and than execute again.  Jump back on the horse and ride!    


Step Four – Positioning – Go to those places where “the person you want to be would go.”  Place yourself in forums where you can execute your skills. Go to networking events, conferences and workshops.  Check out the new play, restaurant, festival or concert.  You will never become a great swimmer standing on the side of the pool.  Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time.  By going to new places you can exercise your new skills. People will see you and after awhile they will think you belong.  In the meantime, you will refine your style and technique.    
Change only comes from taking action.  Take Action-Be the Change.



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