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Michael Rice


I used to think that a person's performance was solely based upon what they thought about themselves. I thought that if a person felt that they were average that their performance would be mediocre. If they felt they were below average then that is the level on which they would perform. I believed that a person's self belief dominated their actions and their outcomes.

However, I found an exception to this rule. I now believe that you can think you're average yet give an above average performance. While you may not be able to perform consistently above average, you can do extraordinary things as an ordinary man or woman.

Have you ever played a game and all of the sudden you realized that you were playing above your typical level. A good example of is the game of pool. I consider myself a mediocre pool player. Yet from time to time, I have made shots and played at a superior level. This normally happened when I was not thinking about it. I would just play and suddenly realize I was on a roll. Some people call this "in the zone".

I have heard this same phenomenon with people playing golf or other games. My belief is that we all have the potential to be great but we suppress it. We are born into the world with no apprehension or fear. That's why a baby touches everything including hot pots, fire, etc. They do this because they have no fear. They just don't know better. The World i.e. the people around them have not convinced them that their abilities, skills and potential is limited.

Have you ever asked a first grader what they want to be when they grow up? They will tell you the president, an astronaut, doctor or lawyer. Wait about 15 years later and ask them again. By that time, their belief in their potential will have been weakened. As growing individuals our self image is affected by the people who are important in our lives. Your mother or father, husband, boyfriend, older brother or sister, friend, etc, have extraordinary power over your belief system. If you allow them to have it.

A mother can tell a child that they will never amount to anything and the child will believe them. A drug dealer on the corner can validate your child and have them believe that they will grow to be Superfly. *(For my younger readers, Superfly was the ultimate coolest drug dealer). A supervisor can convince an employee they are incompetent. While at the same time, a parent can instill unstoppable self esteem into their children.

I remember years ago. I lend my friend a VHS tape of Scarface starring Al Pacino. This was one of my all time favorite movies. However, when the movie was returned, my friend had accidentally taped over the movie. Imagine my surprise when I played the movie and got an episode of Oprah. The blame ultimately was my own. I had allowed the tape out of my possession without safeguarding the contents.

Our belief systems are very similar. When we do not reinforce our own self image as powerful, confident and successful individuals, we allow others to record over our own self image with their opinions. Your friends and family circle can accidentally or intentionally erase your confidence.

My point is that you are born into the world with unlimited potential. However, you are ultimately responsible for maintaining and nourishing your potential and establishing your destiny. Sometimes you get a glimpse of your true self. This is when you have an incredible day when everything goes your way. This is when you make a land a big account, give a great presentation, type an error free document or when a beautiful stranger pays you complement. You are truly manifesting your destiny. Someone once said, "In order to accomplish great things, you must not only act but dream...not only plan but also believe."

My final point is that you are judged by your actions not by your thoughts. Perception is reality. You can feel you're inadequate yet your actions demonstrate greatness. It is said that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in spite of your fear. You don't have to be great in order to do great things. You just have to act. Action equals outcome. You are what you do.
(Michael Rice is the chief consultant for Professional Networking Associates, a writer and trainer. For information on networking and personal development go to www.theconnectornetwork.com)




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