Keys to Successful Networking

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(Goals, Actions, Measurement, Evaluation)

    The one thing that separates winners from losers is that winners have game.  A GAME plan is essential in preparation for success.  So if there is one thing that I say that sinks into your head, it is that you must have a G.A. M. E. plan for success.  “Fail to plan– Plan to fail.  It is as simple as that.  Failing to plan is like taking a road trip without a map.  If you don’t know where you are going, you can end up anywhere. Your G.A.M.E. Plan consists of Goals, Actions, Measurement and Evaluation.

    According to Herbert Harris, author of The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, “A success plan is an organized course of action which allows you to produce desired results.  The desired result to be produced is the attainment of your goals and the realization of your vision.  Producing results reflects your ability to organize your time, plan your work and work your plan.

    Susan Silver in her book, Organized to be the Best, says plan tomorrow, today and put it in writing.  “Take five or ten minutes today to write tomorrow’s to do list so you can start tomorrow fresh… Planning and prioritizing on paper(or computer) lets you see what you need to accomplish and when.”


Any good plan starts with goals.  The goals must be clear, realistic and have a definite deadline.

Use the SMART Model when setting goals.  Your goals should be





So you have made up your mind and you are ready to take your career to the next level.  You have a plan and have set your goals.  But are they SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely.

Specific - In order to maximize your time, set your goals as specific as possible. (I want to meet 10 new people this week)

Measurable - How will you know if you're making progress, if you don't have measurement tool.  Set benchmarks that mark your path.  (My goal is to meet 20 new investment brokers by the end of the year.  My benchmark is to make contact with five Investment brokers by October 30th)

Achievable - Set realistic goals that are achievable.  It is better to first plan to get promotion with the next six months, than to set a goal to be the next company president.  Don't get me wrong, Long term goals are fine, but the success of short goals will keep you motivated.  (I will acquire three new accounts this month)

Relevant - Are your goals relevant?  How do they relate to your skills, your work environment, or your social environment?   (Since my goal is gain resource information regarding Latino-Americans, I will attend the Latino conference this fall)

Timely - Ensure your goals are timely.  Investing in bottled water may have been timely ten years ago, but perhaps not the best investment at this time.  Your goals should be in line for what is going on now.  (I have a youth organization so I will attend youth) mentoring workshops)

Finally, do it now.  Don't wait--Set your goals for today, next week and next month.  Make them long term and short term.  Your short term goals are the building blocks of success. 

Set goals. Establish activities to reach those goals.  Define what resources are needed.  Develop benchmarks.  Evaluate your progress.