Creating Business and social relationships


Professional Networking Associates

Professional Networking Associates

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  • PNA activities include:

    Providing social outlets for professionals•

  • Sharing resources •

  • Supporting the establishment of collaborative relationships•

  • Creating mentoring opportunities•

  • Identifying sources of income and influence•

  • Developing opportunities for social advancement•

  • Facilitating networking opportunities•

  • Sending out newsletters, flyers and bulletins and personal development videos.•

  • Connecting with prospective employers•

  • Promoting opportunities for career advancement in an informal, relaxed setting•
  • Providing vending and exhibition opportunities

Professional Networking Associates (PNA) is an organization of individuals who support and are employed in corporate, social service, entertainment, public and private sectors. By creating a supportive network, PNA advocates for a better quality of life throughout its various communities. PNA members are individuals who are dedicated to providing resources, products and/or services. They believe in high quality service and delivery. PNA members are interested in self development and the pursing their goals in the areas of business, social and personal development.

Professional Networking Associates’ primary goal is:

To provide professionals with a vehicle for interpersonal socialization, career advancement and network development.